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Humidity Control Solutions across the Delaware Valley

By Global Services HVAC, Jan 12 2016 04:37PM

Humidity Control Solutions across the Delaware Valley

The challenges of humidity

Humidity affects how we experience the temperature both inside your home and out. Too much or too little humidity can become a health concern and can be damaging to your home. High humidity causes a reduction in air quality and helps mold and bacteria grown within your home’s heating and AC system. Low humidity can cause undue difficulty in breathing and can damage floors, walls and ceilings. Reduce the effects of these issues with whole house humidity solutions.

Whole house humidification

If the air in your home is too dry, adding humidity can make it easier to breathe, prevent dry skin, and protect wooden floors and furniture against cracking. By having a higher humidity in your home, you can help your home feel warmer in the winter – saving your heating system from having to struggle against the cold, dry air outside which will save you some serious cash in the long run.

Whole house dehumidification

Having a whole house dehumidification system can remove as much at 150 pints of moisture from your home in just one day! You home will instantly feel cooler in the warmer months by helping your air conditioning unit function more efficiently. Lower indoor humidity will also significantly improve the air quality, which is invaluable to young children and seniors who may have difficulty breathing. Save on monthly utility bills, increase air quality, and prevent mold and bacteria from growing in your home with a whole house dehumidification system.

Increase air quality

The EPA points to poor indoor air quality as one of the major threats to the public’s health in America. Having your ducts cleaned regularly will remove dust, pollen and other airborne debris, but controlling your home’s humidity will help control build-up between services.

Complete control

You’ll always be in control of the humidity in your home with a wall mounted control system so you can set the perfect humidity level for your family.

Call the humidity professionals at Global Services HVAC today to see if a whole house humidification system is right for your home and family!

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