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Increase comfort and lower utility bills with zoning

By Global Services HVAC, Jan 12 2016 04:40PM

What is HVAC in home zoning? All-of-home zoning is a simple but effective way of limiting your energy use within your home by localizing the areas which need climate control.

Save money

Zoning throughout your home save you up to 25% on your monthly heating or cooling costs. You can program your system to only heat or cool the occupied areas of your home throughout the day.

Upgrade your current system

You don’t have to install a new system to take advantage of the savings offered by all-of-home zoning. Global Services HVAC can quickly upgrade your home’s existing system and ductwork so you can start saving on your monthly bills right away!

Increased comfort

With home-zoning, each zone has its own thermostat linked to the central unit. This allows you to set different temperatures for different zones so you can take greater control of your immediate environment. This is a great benefit that can’t be done with one thermostat in one area of your home that creates a blanket temperature throughout the house.

Eliminate cold spots

If you have areas of your home where central heating is less effective or just can’t reach, all-of-home zoning is the solution for you! Zoning can be designed to compensate for drafts, large windows, and shaded areas to ensure that you’ll be comfortable in your home, no matter where you are.

Have a highly qualified and experienced professional service technician from Global Services HVAC come to your home to inspect your ducts and system to see if an all-of-home zoning solution is right for you!

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