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Indoor air quality

By Global Services HVAC, Jan 12 2016 04:42PM

Indoor air quality

The EPA has listed indoor air quality to be the top health concern facing Americans today. Global Services HVAC can help you protect your family.

HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters

HEPA filters are an extremely effective way of increasing your indoor air quality. Having a HEPA system installed in your home can filter up to 99.7% of the harmful particles like pollen, mold, dust mite feces and airborne bacteria from the air circulating throughout your home that you continue to breathe.

Germicidal UV lamps

Many hospitals and healthcare facilities use a professional level of air quality protection which is now available for your home and can be installed by the experienced professionals at Global Services HVAC. Germicidal UV lamps work by using concentrated UV rays to sterilize any harmful airborne particles that can cause a threat to your family’s health. With professional installation, these systems can easily be integrated into your existing HVAC system.

Humidity Solutions

Humidity affect how we “feel” temperatures, but also has a profound effect on the air quality in our home. You can have a whole house humidification system installed to work with your existing HVAC system to help you have more control over your climate control and to increase air quality significantly within your home.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers will help alleviate the symptoms experienced by asthma and allergy sufferers. The Delaware Valley is well-known for being an allergy hot bed, and a professionally installed purification system will make a profound difference in your home by providing fresh, allergen-free, pure air for your family to enjoy.

Protect your home and family by increasing your indoor air quality. Call the air quality experts at Global Services HVAC for services throughout the Delaware Valley.

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