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Reduce utility bills with energy efficient savings!

By Global Services HVAC, Jan 12 2016 04:43PM

Reduce utility bills with energy efficient savings!

When considering a new heating system, the energy efficiency of the system is sure to be a major consideration. Highly efficient systems can help cut utility bills and reduce damage caused to the environment.

High efficiency heating

If your heating system is more than ten years old, you save big by switching to a new system which uses energy more efficiently. Older systems form 10-15 years ago used to operate on much lower AFUE (annualized fuel utilization efficiency) ratings, some as low as 65%. Today’s models are far more efficient, with some systems able to reach up to 96.7% AFUE. This means that practically all the fuel being fed into the system is being converted into heat, and not lost to inefficiencies.

Condensing furnaces

Offering significant energy savings by condensing exhaust gases and re-use the heat which was previously lost in the older systems, condensing furnaces provide increased efficiency, quieter operation, and are much more durable than previous furnace models.

Hybrid systems

Much like hybrid cars, hybrid heating has the option of two sources of energy and will automatically select gas or electric depending on which source is most efficient at the moment. Some systems offer AC as well, so you can enjoy savings throughout the year with hybrid climate control solutions.

Digital programmable thermostats

The EPA recommends digital programmable thermostats for an easy upgrade to ensure your climate control system’s efficiency. There is a variety of models available to meet your needs throughout the day.

Home zoning

The professionals at Global Services HVAC can upgrade your existing system to utilize energy more efficiently with zoning. With the ability to divide your home into sections and to heat or cool them separately according to your settings, you’ll be sure to have whole-home comfort without the overwhelming utility costs.

Call the team at Global Services HVAC today to speak to a professional about the best method of energy savings you can use in your home!

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